May 26, 2017

Our Services

Our services are tailored towards all Brexit affected companies intending to transfer their business operations from the UK into other EU member states. Our aim is therefore, to lead them through this process and position them successfully into new business environment.


B2Brexit Approach


B2Brexit’s team has developed a set of services advising on Brexit legislation that affects business operations in your company. The first set of actions includes an internal company analysis, which prepares a list of suggestions for changes to prepare the clients for a smooth transfer of operations offshore.

Further, B2BREXIT expertise lies within advising on legal issues and on delivering all sorts of documentation for transfer UK-based operations into EU member states. Our team of experienced lawyers ensures the delivery of high-quality solutions that are in line with the post-Brexit rules and legislation.

Finally, we organise a smooth transfer of your intellectual property rights from the UK. We also ensure processing of all relevant transfer documents for your employees and services abroad.


Our Sectors