The Brexit Domino effect

Little has been done to focus on the impact Brexit could have on third world countries. The ACP group, known as the economic development of African, Caribbean and Pacific is underpinned by the EU trade policy. The EU is the biggest trading partner of the ACP, alongside the UK being one of the largest countries Read more about The Brexit Domino effect[…]

Brexit negotiations making a big step forward

The two Brexit parties have finally come up with more clarity into the negotiation process, claiming to agree on some of the major transition points. Yet, the time to celebrate is far ahead! Time is still ticking, but slower Good news for Brexiters, a new date for Britain leaving the EU zone was introduced as Read more about Brexit negotiations making a big step forward[…]


A Brexecutive Briefing on the pharma sector… The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) says that although non-EU pharma trade is growing faster, the EU still accounts for around 56% of UK pharmaceutical exports, totalling £53bn (US$69bn). Post-Brexit trade in pharma products is therefore a key concern within the industry, as is regulatory control. The London-based Read more about PHARMA FACTS[…]


A Brexecutive Briefing on the agri/food sector… Under the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP many British farmers currently receive 60% of their income from EU subsidies via the Single Farm Payment. Agriculture will be particularly sensitive to the eventual shape Brexit takes. The sector has drawn comfort from a government pledge to guarantee annual EU Read more about DOFFING THE CAP[…]

La Vallée de Silicium

A Brexit Perspective from B2EU CEO A. D. Turkic As indecision casts a grey cloud over the Brexit negotiations, firms on both sides of the Channel are preparing for every possible outcome. The ICT sector in Britain gave initial signs of being able to outperform its foreign competitors, with large firms such as Google, Facebook Read more about La Vallée de Silicium[…]


A Brexecutive Briefing on the automotive industry sector… Britain’s vote to exit the EU in June 2016 spurred an immediate reaction from the domestic car manufacturing industry. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMTT) demanded that the UK government protect existing tariffs, arguing that any change to the current system could see the cost Read more about DRIVING A HARD BARGAIN[…]


A Brexit Perspective from TBG CEO David Solomon Bassiouni To the North American business community, the very concept of Brexit seems foreign and confined to the other side of the Atlantic. This thought, while seemingly comforting, is both false and dangerous. As it stands right now, Brexit puts at risk 1.4 million UK jobs and USD Read more about BRACING FOR BREXIT[…]


A Brexit Perspective from former MEP and B2Brexit consultant Struan Stevenson Back in the 1970s, Britain was beset by strikes, burgeoning inflation, mass unemployment, sterling crises, oil-price hikes, stock market crashes and an overall slide into economic decline. The UK was labelled the ‘sick man of Europe.’ Today, after 44 years of EU membership, Britain Read more about NEW DAWN OR BACK TO THE FUTURE?[…]


A Brexecutive Briefing on the financial services sector… Financial firms have urged the UK to seek an ambitious trade pact with the EU to fend off the threat of jobs and companies migrating to the continent after Brexit. There is concern in the UK about London’s future as Europe’s financial hub post-Brexit, given that the Read more about PASSPORTING PRESSURE[…]

What Industries are likely to leave the UK?

Game Industry The Guardian has informed that about 40% of all gaming companies in the UK consider leaving the UK. The survey has also showed that 57% of UK games companies have employees from the EU who are influenced by the new post Brexit policies. The United Kingdom is globally the sixth largest games market when Read more about What Industries are likely to leave the UK?[…]

How are the Brexit negotiations structured?

Structure of the Brexit Negotiations   Brexit negotiators will be working against the clock. But deal or no deal, the UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019. A year after British people voted for leaving the EU, the negotiations started on the 19th of June 2017. There is a lot at stake and a Read more about How are the Brexit negotiations structured?[…]

EU Agencies to leave the UK

Two biggest players at stake The negotiations of Brexit will include a discussion over relocation of two important agencies residing in London.  The European Medicines Agency employees almost 900 people whereas the European Banking Authority has 159 highly specialised staff. Since the decision of  Britain to leave the European Union, several countries have shown their Read more about EU Agencies to leave the UK[…]