The Brexit Domino effect

Little has been done to focus on the impact Brexit could have on third world countries. The ACP group, known as the economic development of African, Caribbean and Pacific is underpinned by the EU trade policy. The EU is the biggest trading partner of the ACP, alongside the UK being one of the largest countries in today’s EU, any change to the trading relationship between the EU and the UK is bound to have consequences for the ACP.

In addition, trade flows between the EU and ACP countries are not equally spread among EU member states. Some countries like Kenya, Jamaica or Gambia are highly dependent on the UK market. Until now, some of the goods

destined for the UK market are first exported to other EU countries, and then re-exported further following their final destination, using the benefits of EU customs union.

Trade Threats Ahead?

Brexit might represent a trade threat for the developing countries which struggle to establish their export selling markets. Therefore, their goods currently traded between the UK and the EU would have to find other markets if Brexit results in trade barriers between these two zones. This in turn would increase competition in ACP markets, and hinder their further economic growth.

The ACP group consists of 79 countries that are organised collectively by a series of international conventions. In 2016, their import activities with the EU amounted to more than €70 Million with the majority coming from mineral fuels, food and raw material. The EU’s exports are equally important, amounting seven million higher.

Only without frictions at the EU/UK border and with the same trading arrangements towards ACP countries, it can be guaranteed that Brexit would have no negative impact on this vital cooperation. Any other option would carry real threats for the poorest countries in the world.

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