Brexit negotiations making a big step forward

The two Brexit parties have finally come up with more clarity into the negotiation process, claiming to agree on some of the major transition points. Yet, the time to celebrate is far ahead!

Time is still ticking, but slower

Good news for Brexiters, a new date for Britain leaving the EU zone was introduced as the UK plans to exit the bloc between March 29, 2019 and December 31, 2020. However, to keep the emotions of excitement down, the negotiators like to remind us that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”  The transition period will only happen if the two sides reach a legal article 50 withdrawal agreement, and as per usual … there is a long way to go.

Citizens firsts

By now, the introduced deal makes sure to secure rights to 4.5m of EU citizens living in the UK, as well as taking care of 1.2m of UK citizens staying in the EU after Brexit. Moreover, the agreement ensures giving EU citizens, arriving in the UK during the transition period, the same rights and guarantees as those who had arrived before Brexit.

Irish on hold

Lastly, “the backstop deal.” Britain and the EU are still yet to agree on the so-called backstop solution for the Irish border unless or until a solution is found. Meaning, Northern Ireland will remain in “full alignment” with the EU’s single market and customs union and will most significantly see a commitment to no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Better Times Ahead?

Overall, there is an upbeat mood for both the EU and the UK. The main positive action points from this deal are on citizen rights. However, there are still bigger issues waiting for Barnier’s and Davis’s teams to be solved. Many of them have not yet been proposed.

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