A Brexit Perspective from former MEP and B2Brexit consultant Struan Stevenson

Back in the 1970s, Britain was beset by strikes, burgeoning inflation, mass unemployment, sterling crises, oil-price hikes, stock market crashes and an overall slide into economic decline. The UK was labelled the ‘sick man of Europe.’ Today, after 44 years of EU membership, Britain boasts the fifth largest economy in the world and has become a global powerhouse in terms of its financial, cultural and political leadership. Will historians look back wistfully to this golden era, or will they hail the great leap forward in economic opportunities provided by the historic decision to leave the EU? Will a post-Brexit Britain find itself friendless, isolated and economically tested, or will it become the international driving force behind a resurgent revolution in trade, as promised by the arch-Brexiteers and their media cheerleaders? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, anyone concerned with financial services, the pharma sector, agri-food industries, the energy sector, automotive and manufacturing industries, legal and consultancy businesses and a host of other commercial interests, will have to navigate a perilous route through the Brexit minefield. Our experts in the UK, EU and US will provide advice, crucial insights and intelligence to help business and industry steer a confident pathway during the months and years ahead.

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