EU Agencies to leave the UK

Two biggest players at stake

The negotiations of Brexit will include a discussion over relocation of two important agencies residing in London.  The European Medicines Agency employees almost 900 people whereas the European Banking Authority has 159 highly specialised staff. Since the decision of  Britain to leave the European Union, several countries have shown their interest to take over these very lucrative places.

Responsible for evaluating applications to market new drugs, facilitating access to treatments and monitoring the safety of products, the EMA has been located in the UK since 1995.

Even though David Davis, the UK’s negotiator of Brexit, has claimed that these agencies do not have to necessarily leave Britain, this opinion is generally rejected by senior figures across Europe. Over 20 European countries aim to bid for acquiring one of the two offices of the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that employ citizens from all over the continent.

Meanwhile, Brussels have already released criteria to host EU agencies after Brexit. The future host city needs to be able to provide sufficient housing, hotel accommodation and schooling facilities. The EMA requires 30.000 hotel nights per year and the EBA will insist on 9.000, as the Financial Times presented. Simultaneously, the EMA staff requires a capacity of 648 spots at international schools.


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