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Brexit and your business

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Advisory on the future development of EU-UK-WTO agreements affecting your business activities.

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Legal Advisory

Legal assessment, jurisdiction issues and the safety of intellectual property, are a few examples of Brexit resolution challenges.

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Public funding

Positioning UK based companies to successfully participate into EU stock international public funding

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Post-Brexit Strategy

Impact of Brexit on EU employees in working and living in the UK. Ensuring data protection to new business environment. Transfer of resources outside the UK.

B2BREXIT is run by B2EU Consulting & The Bassiouni Group

Our Mission

How Brexit ready is your company?

Whether you're a British, US or overseas company doing business in the EU, we clarify the Brexit negotiations and its evolving development influencing your business. We guide our clients through legal advisory, public funding and trade challenges aligned to Brexit. Moreover, we ensure smooth transfer of UK based businesses overseas.

B2BREXIT is run by B2EU Consulting & The Bassiouni Group